Free Hats and Scarves

The community support section has a multitude of stories, art, articles of hope, and shared experiences from survivors.

Resources for Those Living with Cancer

Cancer afflicts over eighteen-million people and effects an exponential number of loved ones, friends, and caregivers. It is difficult to search for resources while experiencing a myriad of emotions. Whether you are a cancer patient, survivor, loved one, or caregiver, there is an online directory that contains hundreds of resources of all different types.

Items Free of Charge

One of the most common items among Free products and services for cancer patients is head wear. Not only does loosing hair make patients self-conscious, it also eliminates an important source that keeps body heat in. No hair means patients are cold.

Their heads are cold but they are also loosing body heat, so covering the head makes a huge difference in comfort. Chemotherapy hats, beanies, and scarves are offered by many organizations in every state. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and colors from which to choose to reflect personality.


Inspiration and Hope

The community support section has a multitude of stories, art, articles of hope, and shared experiences from survivors. Contributors include professionals, family and friends, and those going through chemotherapy. An opportunity to post words or images of support is offered to anyone wishing to do so.

Counseling services available at minimal or zero cost are found in this category as well. This is vital to some patients to deal with the experience and maintain a positive attitude. Anger, fear, pain, anxiety, despair, and exhaustion can be a detriment to a patient's drive to fight and continue with treatment. Being proactive and fortifying yourself with coping skills and relaxation techniques is wise.


In addition to feeling terrible, patients and their families have to contend with the heavy financial burden that accompanies cancer treatment. Whether medical insurance covers some costs or not, cancer is expensive. Programs and financial assistance are available for hiring caregivers, medications, utilities, living expenses, transportation, and lodging near treatment centers and hospitals. Crowd-funding resources, money to pay for college expenses, and most any other need has a resource.

Education and Research

Education regarding the different types of cancer, symptoms, treatment options, and what to expect is important reading for everyone effected by the diagnosis. Some find answers to questions they had not thought of on their own. Being as prepared as possible for upcoming events is half the battle. Fear of the unknown can consume the thoughts and feelings of the strongest person. Learning about current research, new trials, and breakthroughs provides hope and informs people of new opportunities.